FISA, Fundiciones Industriales S. A., was founded in 1969 in Guayaquil, Ecuador. FISA is the first and largest aluminum extrusion plant in Ecuador. FISA is a second-generation family-owned and operated business dedicated to excellence in customer service, product quality, innovation and technology. The quality of the products and services supplied by FISA has opened major markets around the Americas. Since 1998, most of the production has been exported to one of the most competitive and demanding markets, such as the one of the United States of America. Additionally, FISA exports to other countries in America. Among the market segments served are the architectural, marine, industrial, automotive and sales-distribution.


MISSION: Design, produce and distribute aluminum extrusions, generating value to our customers through innovation and excellence in the quality of our products and services.
VISION: Be the best alternative in aluminum extrusion.


– Extrusion: 52 million pounds
– Anodizing: 13.2 million pounds
– Powder Coating: 16 million pounds
– Liquid Coating: 16 million pounds


At FISA we are aware of the environment and we strive to improve the efficiency of natural resources by minimizing the environmental impact of our processes.

Aluminum is known as the green metal since it has the virtue of being able to recycle countless times without losing its original properties. For this reason we strive to use more recycled aluminum. This reduces energy consumption and carbon emissions by up to 95% compared to primary aluminum.

We are a Production Center with a responsible and sustainable performance in the manufacture of aluminum profiles for future generations.

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